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Tips for Eating Clean

Limit Processed Foods

Bump Up Your Veggies


Reduce Alcohol Intake


Un-Sweeten Your Diet


Watch salty foods


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Foods You Should Eat Everyday

  • Garlic  – for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic properties.
  • Tomatoes – rich in Vitamin C
  • Avocado – lower your cholesterol
  • Hemp seeds – hemp seeds are a complete protein
  • Spinach – anti-inflammatory
  • Kale –high in iron
  • Cucumbers –hydrate the body
  • Grapefruit – boost liver function
  • Peppers – loaded with antioxidants

Nutrients Women Need the Most

Vitamin B6 

it helps to regulates our mood,also out appetite and specially our sleep.


makes our brain function properly and boosts our energy levels plus it prevents anemia.


it Prevents brain and spinal defects in 1st weeks of pregnancy and lower risk of colon & breast cancer.

Vitamin B12 

it fights over fatigue & improves alertness to our body.


reduces premenstrual syndrome symptoms and maintains our blood pressure.


Vitamin D3 

it strengthens our bones, teeth, muscles and it  protects against autoimmune disease and breast & ovarian cancer.